Noah Harrington
Game Designer

Discussion, Designs, Levels, and more!


Welcome to my plot on the internet! Here, you can find all of the things that I do in the realm of game design from text, multiple dimensions, and board/trpgs. You can also find photo galleries my paintings, and the blog where I talk about game design concepts and chronicle my personal design projects.

My vision for this site is as a place to post my game design progress and to hold myself accountable with posting requirements across the whole site.

First, it's a project in the category of level design; QUAKE mapping to be specific. From now until I'm satisfied I'm going to be building a complete QUAKE level per week. As time goes on, and I get better at mapping, maybe I will increase it to a bi-weekly map to allow for a larger, detailed scope. For now, I'm going to start it out with a weekly deadline.

You can follow my progress over at the StrafeWars - my blog page - and over at the Maps section of the games page.